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3 Reasons Why Wedding Albums Are Important To Have

1. Preserving Memories

Although it’s hard to imagine that you would forget any moment from your wedding day, the fact is that memories do fade over time. With the help of a wedding album, you’ll be reminded of all those special moments that made your wedding day unique. You will be able to look through your wedding album anytime you wish, especially during anniversaries and when family and friends come visit. Taking out an album is much easier than having to search for digital files. And truth be told, digital copies can be lost. As much as everyone trusts in electronic media to store important files, it’s imperative to remember that e-files can get lost, corrupted or deleted.

Wedding Albums are Like a Storybook

When looking through the pages of a wedding album, your friends, parents, children and grandchildren can enjoy the story of their wedding day.


2. A Keepsake to Pass Down to Children and Future Generations

Wedding albums also make a wonderful heirloom to pass down from one generation to another. Most don’t think that far ahead, but by purchasing a wedding album, you are actually contributing to your family history.


3. Albums can be Personalised and Show Your Style.

Viewing pictures on a computer screen just isn’t the same as flipping through the pages of an album. Albums stir up much more powerful memories. We  offer so many different ways in which you can customise your album, something that digital photos don’t offer. It may include embossing, different album cover materials (leather, fabric, etc.) and colours, different album sizes, background colour, layout and design, storage boxes, etc.


When looking back, the only regret that many couples have is that they do not have enough photographs of their special day. Those who took the time and spent the money to create a wedding album are always happy that they did.

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