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Martin James Photography

Can’t afford an Event Photographer!!!? Here is how to take Event Photos – on your iPhone.

Firstly don’t panic I’ve not gone crazy, you can’t fight change, the trick is to go with it. This article is for you poor people (no pun intended) who have been assigned the laborious task of taking event photos, because you own a camera phone and occasionally share photos on your Instagram/Facebook account. Therefore, you must know what you are doing right!!!? Argh, the pressure – it’s all up to you to record the event and make it look really engaging and enticing. Easy. 

  • Here is few tips to get you started on your journey to Award Winning Event Photographer. 
  • Use the rear camera. Yes, for those who take daily selfies – there is a much better quality camera on the back of the phone!
  • Turn off the flash by tapping the flash icon. The flash is limited to a short distance and can be quite distracting to someone participating in the event.
  • Stabilise the phone. Hold the phone in two hands, elbows tucked in and ideally resting against something solid. 
  • Don’t forget you have a panoramic mode. The Pano mode on your phone is amazing. Remember movement in the photo can be problematic though. 
  • Look for a large naturally lit window.
  • If you are taking posed photos/video; such as testimonials – face the posed group toward the large naturally lit window. It is much more flattering than overhead lighting – we have all seen those bathroom selfies!
  • Take multiple photos of speakers.
  • Select a photo without the mid-word gaping wide mouth and skewed eyes!
  • Capture the energy. If there isn’t any (we have all been to those events) create energy in your photos. Tilt the phone to capture an angled photo (whist secretly cursing your manager for this task!) 
  • Capture photos where people are mingling. Avoid the photos of one or two people standing on their own.
  • Avoid Editing. Unless your going to edit each photo exactly the same, stay away from editing. 

If by the end of the event you’ve still not managed to create an engaging event full of energy that captivates the brand and all the sponsors, best you contact me for your next event.