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Martin James Photography

How Photography Can Increase Your Revenue

If you’re reading this article I’m assuming you’re an active participant in our event industry.

One thing I see time and time again is all this planning and setting up wasted, because you end up having no evidence of your work after the event is completed to attract new clients! Be sure to capture the elements that reflect the time spent creating this great experience for your guests/clients!

The importance of properly photographing your event is huge.

Photos can be utilised in so many ways after your event is completed too. In our now visual world, society does not take the time to accept marketing without photos. Whether it be scrolling through Facebook pages or opening a magazine, if you do not include photos, or your photos are not eye catching—the impact is completely lost!

Use your event photos to increase revenue.

Use the photos on social media platforms after your event as a recap for your guests, and for those that did not attend. A great photo could make someone wish they had attended the event and look for next year’s ‘save the date’.

Whether you are writing a blog about the event or a marketing piece, any photos you have paid for or taken during the event, are up to you to use! The worst thing is to write a blog and then realise you don’t have any photos to embed into your blog (using photos from Google is illegal without the permission of the photographer, you know why you are).

If it is a yearly event, you can utilise photos from a previous year for next year’s print invitation, online invitation, Facebook event, and Eventbrite or Evite ticket.

Looking to spend marketing pounds on a print ad?

Use photos from your past events as watermarks or header/footer images in your print advertisement. If you your photographer has the skill set they can design the advert for you.

Long story short, paying for a photographer could result in your business revenue going up if done right.