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The Secrets to Amazing Outdoor Wedding Photography

Make sure your outdoor wedding photography is amazing by reading up on these insider secrets from professional wedding photographers

When you picture the gorgeous wedding photos you’ll have as a memento of your big day, you’ll probably want at least a few shots of the two of you outside the church or venue. But there are plenty of practicalities to bear in mind before you head outdoors. Here I reveal the secrets to perfect wedding snaps outdoors.

Get Planning: Never just hope for the best — discuss exactly what you want with your photographer in advance. “Have a plan regarding the outside shots you want and what you’d like to achieve with them”. Get your photographer to set up lighting or props before you venture out. That way, if it’s freezing, you can be in and out as quickly as possible.

Have a plan regarding the outside shots you want and what you’d like to achieve with them

Be Flexible: “I advise couples to have a plan A and B,” I tell couples beforehand that we have to work with what we get on the day. I got some beautiful photos in the rain at one wedding where the reception was in a steam train: instead of the shot we’d planned, of them stood next to the train, I got them into the carriage which actually worked better.”

Fingers Crossed for Cloud: A gloriously sunny day might sound like photo-perfection, but a little cloud softens the light and prevents any squinting. “Avoid having shots around midday”. The hour around noon can provide quite harsh lighting, causing unflattering shadows and dark circles under the eyes.